About Groceryships

Mission Statement: Improve long-term health and wellness in low-income communities by creating a network of educational support groups and enhancing access to healthy, unprocessed foods.

Groceryships is built on a fundamental belief—every life is equally important. In an unequal world, we exist to support people and families who feel forgotten, neglected, or are carrying more than they can bear.

We do this through the power of food. Food is universal, but not equitable. While every parent wants their kids to be healthy, some can’t afford nutritious food. Others lack vital nutrition education. And many need a tight-knit community to support them on their path towards health.

Groceryships is working on a macro issue in a micro way. We work with small groups of families for long periods of time, providing education, temporary financial support, resources, and a sacred space for each person to share about their struggles and triumphs. We believe true change comes not from the top down, but from the inside out, and that changes in one person can have a ripple effect through a family, a community, a city, a nation, and eventually a world.