Beans VS. Beef

Groceryships groups continued their discussion on the powers of plant-protein this week. Our health coaches compared the ingredient list-- and price-- of a homemade bowl of lentil soup, with a Big Mac Meal-- both fast and easy ways to get protein in your diet. 

Can you guess the winner? 


Whether you looked at price ($1.65 versus $5.99 per serving), fiber (13 g versus 0g), or vitamins and minerals (dozens versus a few-- mostly artificially enriched), the lentil soup was a clear winner. The only thing the Big Mac had more of was artificial ingredients (nearly 50), saturated fat (40% of your daily value), and cholesterol (79 g). 

Once again, plant-based, homemade meals make sense (and saved dollars), but the bigger question was: in the case of the lentil soup, would are participants like it? 


They liked it so much, many asked for seconds! "If I didn't know better, I'd swear it has meat in it," said one member. "This is the best recipe so far," said another.