Chain Effect

Our Groceryships program is rooted on emotional support. Not that we believe we are experts on the subject nor we try to counsel or enforce emotional shifts on our participants. What we have consciously created is a safe space. A space to share struggles, ailments, fears, breakthroughs and even milestone small or large as they may be. Last night one of our participants jubilant entered the room eager to share several victories she was very proud of. 
From the very beginning she told us that she was trying to pace herself in an attempt to not get overwhelmed. She looked at all her pantry and fridge and decided she would toss it all and only hold "healthy crap" in her covers. Then, remembering our words in class "Take it one step at a time. This is a lifelong journey to health. Take steps, no need to jog." she took a step back and decided to start with a green-berry smoothie for breakfast and ease into the rest. Five weeks into the program and she has made tremendous strides. She's now beginning to feel more energized "'cause all them greens I'm eating" and has had a paradigm shift. 
She is starting to value herself, her time, her life and credits it to the healthy eating. Right before our session ended she had one more thing to share "I have eight cigarettes left. I'm thinking that there's no point in eating all this good food and getting healthy and keep smoking. So, when I'm done with this pack, I'm quitting." We all clapped and smiled, so happy for her and inspired by her determination. 
We believe that health happens when you take strides to nurture both your physical an emotional bodies. Sure, we all have slip-ups and make mistakes. How human of us, don't you think? 
Its all a chain effect, one shift affects another. It's all is connected. 
With love + gratitude,