Groceryships' Community Center is Thriving

Thanks to the efforts of our incredible Community Manager, Ana Guzman, Groceryships' Community Center is coming to life. Read on to learn about the exciting special events and programming taking place. 


The last two months have been busy at Groceryships' HQ. Ana has been hard at work creating a full schedule of incredible extracurricular opportunities for our current group members and alumni. 

Last month, guest Chef D. Brandon Walker taught our mom's how to make a healthy cauliflower "fried rice," which featured crumbled cauliflower in place of rice. It was full of asian flavors like garlic and ginger, and packed full of vegetables. The women loved it (almost as much as they loved the handsome chef). 

This month, Denise McClanes began her 6-week Walking to Wellness Program with interested members of the Groceryships community. She offered a motivational speech on the benefits of exercise, and now guides a group of women weekly on a walk through the neighborhood. 


Body-image expert Brandilyn Tebo offered a workshop for teen-girls on the positive impact that reframing negative thought patterns can have on self-esteem. The moms in attendance asked her to come back to do a workshop for them! 

We've also had regular Zumba classes taking place on Thursday mornings from 8:15 - 9:00 am, so group members can work up a sweat-- and an appetite-- prior to their group meeting. 

Thanks to Ana, and to your support, Groceryships is offering more ways to build community to support lasting health!