Groceryships Graduates its Third Consecutive Group at A Place Called Home

On Tuesday, May  9th, Groceryships graduated its third consecutive group at A Place Called Home (APCH).   The ceremony started off with a warm welcome from Groceryships Director, Dana Rizer and Alexandra Mack, APCH's Nutrition & Urban Agriculture Supervisor.  We also heard speeches from group leaders Elsa Carrillo and Ana Lovo.  





Each semester, the parents remind us how valuable Groceryships’ nutrition education program is to them through their testimonies and graduation speeches.  This time around was not the exception.  We had very impactful speeches from our small group of graduates. To paraphrase a couple graduates:


“Coming to the Groceryships classes was like therapy to me.  It really gave me a place to vent where I felt comfortable and safe.  I looked forward to coming to share with the other participants, we became like sisters.”—Connie J.


“After my diabetes diagnosis, I fell into a depression.  The Groceryships group helped me come out of that depressive state and helped me find my voice again and feel comfortable to speak up and share.” --Emilia E.


“Before joining the Groceryships group, I didn’t eat any vegetables and didn’t really eat healthy foods at all. After going through the program, I’ve learned to eat and incorporate vegetables and fruit into my meals.  I will continue to do so for my children and the health of my family.”—Eva L.





In addition to emotional speeches, the graduation ceremony was also filled with family and friends who came out to support the graduates and also with delicious food prepared by the graduates.  Each graduate prepared their favorite Groceryships’ recipe learned throughout the semester.  Recipes included vegetarian tortas, ginger-carrot soup, tuna tacos, citrus avocado salad, sweet potato nacho bowls, and many others. It was incredible to see children and adults eating and enjoying the plant-based meals.  





Groceryships wants to thank APCH.  APCH has been an excellent partner and a great advocate in the community of parents and children learning about nutrition and adopting healthier eating habits. We are thankful to APCH for lending their community space to our program participants and for helping us recruit parents to the program year after year.

Finally, Groceryships wants to thank the program participants for their tireless efforts and courage throughout the semester. Groceryships is incredibly proud of its graduates! We look forward to continuing to support them on their journey to achieving healthier well-being.