Groceryships Group Members Get the Whole Truth

This week, Groceryships groups learned more about the positive impact of eating whole foods, especially whole grains. From a filling, healthy whole grain salad, to vegan whole wheat pancakes, we showed that eating whole isn't just good for you, it tastes really good, too.


For the past month, our Health Coaches and Groceryships Ambassadors have been hard at work, sharing their passion and personal experiences with their group members. Yolo and Brenda teamed up to create this week's healthy, whole grain recipe, chopping veggies and tossing brown rice into a satisfying, hearty salad. IMG_1416.jpg

But our team leaders aren't the only ones sharing what they've learned. This week, one group member showed off her new shopping cart-- full of fresh produce, beans and whole grains. 


Another member shared her excitement as her son (typically, a picky-eater) gave a thumbs-up to his spinach-rich, Sweet Green Smoothie from last week's session. It's now become a crave-worthy staple in her family's home. 


We can't wait to see what these groups cook up next.