Groceryships Groups Are Making Small Changes

This week, our groups talked about the difference between making a change in lifestyle, rather than simply "dieting." Our suggestion: rather than trying to do something drastic (like dramatically cutting calories, or eating nothing but grapes for a month), try making one small change towards a healthier lifestyle this week.   


In the spirit of making one small change, our Groceryships Ambassadors introduced healthy sandwich alternatives to their groups. Participants tried a hummus and veggie sandwich, a mushroom and avocado sandwich, and "The Elvis" with natural peanut butter and banana (minus the frying, which the real Elvis was famous for). 


The Elvis was a definite winner, gaining a thumbs-up from one member's 10-year-old son, who was also at the meeting. The veggie and hummus sandwich came in a close second.

Finally, our Ambassadors weren't the only ones showing off their skills this week. A member from the Normandie Elementary group made this poster board highlighting some of the healthy foods she had learned about over the past few weeks, instantly upgrading their meeting space with a splash of color, and a lot of heart.