LA Job Corps Graduates Eight Groceryships Members

Last week, during a campus-wide film viewing of Food Inc., Groceryships celebrated eight young women who graduated from our condensed, 8-week program at LA Job Corps. Even though the first program is complete, our work together is nowhere near done...  Food-inc-Banner1.jpg

Last Wednesday, May 13th, 350 residential students at LA Job Corps participated in a school-wide viewing of Food Inc. The purpose in part, was to celebrate the classmates and colleagues who had successfully completed our 8-week program on campus. But the event was also aimed at raising awareness for the continued need to make changes--personally and institutionally--to combat our unhealthy food system. 

To that end, Jim Williamson, Groceryships champion, and leader of Food Service at LA Job Corps offered samples of a quinoa and roasted vegetable salad that he'll be featuring in the cafeteria. unnamed-1.jpg

Now, if a student wants to make a healthy meal choice during breakfast, lunch or dinner, all he or she will need to do is look for our logo beside food items. 

Untitled_design_(8).pngWhenever our logo appears, students can trust that this is a healthy, whole food, full of nutrients and fiber. 

Students also cast their vote for the kinds of snacks they cared most about buying in the student store. Groceryships will be meeting with the new leaders of student government in the coming weeks to discuss the results. Together, we will make a push to eliminate sugary drinks and snacks from the regular menu. 


A special thanks to our previous group members, Angela S., Alice T., Elissia M., Nanci J., Mayra J., Lizeth R., Natalie A., and Jasmin R., and student supporter, Ashley A. Stay tuned as a new LA Job Corps/Groceryships group forms soon!