Little by little...

This week, Groceryships groups discussed the big impact of making changes, little by little. By switching from processed cereal to whole grains, and from juice to fresh fruit, many were surprised to learn that you could save hundreds of dollars-- as well as thousands of grams of sugar-- every year!                                                            Slide1.jpg


Did you know that a single glass of orange juice has as much sugar as 2.5 Krispy Kreme donuts? Did you know that switching from processed cereal, like the childhood favorite, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, to the Groceryships favorite, Brown Rice Breakfast Cereal could save you nearly $1,000 and 39,000 grams of sugar over the course of a year? When you do the math, cheap calories from processed foods simply don't add up. 


Although everyone agreed that these small changes made sense, it took members a few bites to get the hang of the Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl, which uses cooked brown rice, cinnamon, fruit, nuts and your favorite milk, as a replacement for the usual sugar-rich fare. One woman said it reminded her of rice pudding, a traditional dessert in her family. As soon as that connection was made, other members dug right in. 

After cooking together, last week's classes discussed Body Image, and the impact of the media, family and other sources on their sense of satisfaction with their bodies today. Many of the women emphasized the importance of being healthy, and living a long life with their families over the desire to look a certain way. As one member said, "Kim Kardashian's job is to look good, my job is to be a good mom for my kids." Still, many stressed the impact of excess weight and the personal struggles they've faced-- from joint pain to diabetes-- and the shared motivation to take better care of the bodies they're in. 

Little by little, groups. We're on the right path.