New Volunteer Opportunities!

We have a few new volunteer opportunities--if you are interested in any of these, please email me! Look forward to hearing from you!

Food System Research: We are looking for people to help us research in two areas. One, we need to enhance our curriculum by finding images and visual representations of the food system, ones that communicate ideas (about the amount of hidden sugar in processed food, for example) very clearly and simply. 

Cookbook Research: We need some research done on recipes--we've created proprietary Groceryships recipes, and we want them analyzed in terms of cost and health. 

Conferences: We are looking for someone to research potential conferences that would be a fit for Groceryships to speak and present at, and then work with one of our superstars Laura Capps to reach out to these conferences to see if they are interested in partnering with us.

Thanks for your support!