Our Results


The first Groceryships program took place over the first half of 2014. Participant results from the program were extraordinary on both a physical and emotional level.

Physical Results:

 of participants ate significantly more fruits & vegetables.

100% of families had children lose weight.

 had additional family members lose weight. 

Emotional Results:

“This group has made me feel physically, mentally, and emotionally beautiful...Before, my children were my circle of life. Now I realize it's all of us together."

"It's your family...you can express yourself and they won't tell you you're wrong. They just listen to you."

“I love this group, because it reminds me that I exist.”

Building on the pilot program, Groceryships is organizing more programs and additional results will be developed and shared as they take place.


David Lawrence, MD, MPH, former CEO and chairman of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals

“A unique approach that is already showing impressive results in hard-to-serve neighborhoods of Los Angeles.”

“…their integration of economic, social, educational and healthcare tools and information...these are the unique features that have made Groceryships so successful.”

“Groceryships is, quite simply, amazing.”