Q1 Report

Here at Groceryships, we’ve had an amazing start to 2016! I’m excited to share some recent developments with you... 

IMG_Ana_Cropped.jpgFirst, remember Ana? As a participant in our second ever Groceryships group, Ana not only transformed her own physical and emotional health but then went on to start (and lead) several Groceryships groups of her own. We were so impressed by Ana that we hired her as our Community Manager. 

Ana now develops community and culture at Groceryships, and her efforts are already paying off. Last month, she launched the first Groceryships Alumni meeting, where graduates get together to reconnect and talk about their ongoing journey with food and health. There are also daily, free Zumba classes every morning at Groceryships at 8:30 am (led by Groceryships community members), a yoga class in the works, and a special cooking class for current group members and grads. Ana continues to be an inspiration to all who know her— especially all of the new folks flowing into Groceryships (we’re starting six new groups this month, and have a waiting list 150 people long!). 

Okay, now to the quick updates:

  • Annenberg Grant: Groceryships was honored to receive a $25,000 grant from The Annenberg Foundation—one of the 
    biggest funders in Los Angeles. We’re proud of our new partnership, and of Annenberg’s recognition of Groceryships’ growing impact.
  • Farm Fresh To You: Thanks to their commitment to growing our partnership, Farm Fresh To You will now provide their fresh, organic, local produce to each Groceryships family, every week. FFTY has bent over backwards to supply produce into South LA at an unbelievable discount—they deserve a round of applause.
  • A Place Called Home: We are proud to announce a new partnership with A Place Called Home, a long-standing LA non-profit. Since January, we have been co-running a Groceryships group at their location… so far, the results look delicious! 
  • Eisner Pediatrics Partnership: Some of our best friends in the neighborhood are the incredible folks at Eisner Pediatrics, a network of hospitals and clinics that see over 50,000 low-income patients per year. We are working on partnerships with Eisner on several levels, and we are grateful for their support and their holistic vision of health for all patients.
  • Groceryships Graduations: Several of our current groups are graduating! Come celebrate with us on Wednesday, April 20th   from 4 – 5:30 pm, Monday, April 25th from 4 – 5:30 pm or Tuesday, May 10th  from 10 – 11:30 am. Our graduates will be sharing their favorite healthy recipes, tears will be cried, and all are welcome.
  • FreshStax (www.freshstax.com) is sponsoring Alumni meetings, supplying our graduates with their fresh, organic smoothie kits as a continuation of their food scholarship.

Well, that’s a bit about what we are up to. Thank you so much for your support.

Best Regards, 

Sam Polk