Spare some CHANGE?


Change is scary, paralyzing in some cases. How many of us have just gone through the motions without a second thought? We often accept our destiny and don’t try to alter our reality because things are simply the way they outta be.

Our Groceryships families are brave and daring. They have identified an area –or areas-of their life that they aren’t content with and have decided to change. We not only support them in their journey, we join them in their struggles. We are incredibly touched by their trust and confidence in us and the program. They have made a commitment with themselves, for themselves to get healthy and to live a life where they’ve crowded out toxicity and replaced it with organic positivity. Not just in terms of nutrition but inclusive of primary food: emotional health.

As part of our Groceryships meeting, we have a weekly “check-in” where the members have the option (though not the obligation) of sharing their feelings, how their week went and anything else they might want to discuss. During this week’s share, two of the participants had outstanding news to report to the group.

Juana is the youngest of the mothers in the program and has suffered from acute anemia for years. It was so debilitating , in the past, that she would faint at work or wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the mornings. Her eating habits were not helping her health, she tells the group. In the seven weeks since she's been in the Groceryships program, she has made impressive progress. She has a green smoothie every morning and tries to eat more meals during the day. Juana was accostumed to skipping meals and have one big feast before bedtime. This Wednesday she got a round of applause from the group after her share: “I spoke with my doctor on Monday. My anemia is completely undercontrol. I’m a normal woman now!” Wow. The joy was palpable in the room.

We were already in good spirits when the last person was up to bat…“SO, I went to my doctor last Friday because I had a headache that wouldn’t go away. He ran some tests and the results showed that I’ve lost a signinicant amount of body fat and my system is getting used to it. He congradulated me and said Im no longer “obese” and now just “slightly overweight”. I’m so happy and feel great now.” Yohana got a huge round of applause and the energy in the room grew even more positive and jubilant.

These families are experiencing change slowly but surely. Some changes are measureable like the examples above. However, more extraordinary changes go deep as Helen, another G’ships member, said “I’m learning how to do things for me. To take sometime to myself and do what I want to do. I’ve been taking care of everyone else all my life.”

Change can be scary. Change is a process and any small step in the right direction is already a win. One step at a time, aim to win



In gratitude,