We did it!

Groceryships is excited to announce: Last week, we launched our 10th and final group for the year--meeting our goal for 2015.


We are ecstatic to announce that we have met our goal for 2015, with the launch of our 10th Groceryships group! It's incredible to think that our first pilot group graduated just 15 months ago. We are proud of how quickly our family has grown. 

Just as beginning the Groceryships program is a significant step for our participants who commit to acquiring new knowledge, facing new challenges, and having new encounters--this process has been a learning process for the Groceryships team as well.

Together, as leaders and participants alike, we are navigating sometimes into the unknown. Thankfully, we have an incredible wealth of experienced health promoters and Groceryships ambassadors helping us to take our groups to the next level. 


Speaking of ambassadors, we'd like to formally welcome Elizabeth Avila to our team. Elizabeth graduated from our program last month, and is already becoming an incredible asset to our newest Groceryships group. Not only is she a great chef (as you could tell from the delicious quinoa dish she recently shared with her group) but her depth of sharing during each circle makes a lasting impact on all that are with her.


 So let's raise a glass (of Super Green Smoothie) to Elizabeth, and to the entire Groceryships family!