New Beginnings

At Groceryships, the fall has been full of new beginnings. Just last week, we celebrated the graduation of three incredible groups. And just as our graduates begin the next phase in their ongoing journey towards health, three new groups are launching! 


Celebrating our graduates was a special experience. Each ceremony was an intimate mix of members, friends and family, along with alumni speakers, guest singers, and of course, the inspiring words of Sam Polk, Groceryships' founder. 


In their speeches, the group members reminded each other of the laughter they'd shared, the tears they'd cried, and the support they'd given one another. They expressed gratitude to their companions and their group leaders. They shared the ways in which their lives had changed as a result of their time together--the pounds they'd lost, the stabilization of blood sugar and cholesterol, and the new habits they were now sharing with their own families. 

During each group's graduation, the message was the same: This is not the end. It is just the next step in a lifelong journey towards health, and we are taking it together.

These words continue to echo throughout our center this week, as we eagerly prepare to welcome our new group members. 

For Groceryships members new and old, the journey continues.